27 March 2012

Random Updates

I have lost 37lbs since January 5. I am down 2 pants sizes and it feels good!

I have had a headache for about 20 days now. I know it has to do with stress, and our household completely changing because I took in my nieces. I love them dearly, but I can tell they have had no proper discipline EVER..

My sister (mother of the girls) keeps threatening to come get the girls, but hasn't done so yet. She keeps pushing it back and back. I'm ready to tell her we are going to try to get custody of the girls. I know she will flip. She's just not in a good state of mind right now. She has no place to live so I don't know where she is planning to stay with the girls if she did come and get them.

Disneyland is in 39 days. I'm extremely excited but just a tad bit stressed that we won't hit our savings goal. We have everything paid for just need spending money. We are about $600 short right now and it doesn't help that I lost my daycare kids for 2 weeks.

I'm super happy to go grocery shopping in 5 days. I love grocery shopping. We are going to Whole Foods which is a rarity because it's about 1.5 hrs away from where we live. I can't get enough of that place and I'm excited to pick up healthy organic food.

Can we say Chipotle? ummmmmm, I've been craving them for about 3 weeks now. We will stop there while we are out grocery shopping next week for lunch. I have already started an hourly count down on my phone. I am addicted and proud :)

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