11 November 2014

Free Learning Educational Children Apps through iTunes!

This post is for the parents or grandparents who have kids who love app games! These 3 are educational and best of yet FREE! Let me know what you think. You will need an itunes account and an iphone or ipad.

I have a 1 yr old, anda  7 yr old and do daycare for a couple kids ages 3-5 and they all thought this was fun. Getting them to take turns was the hard part. But it all worked out in the end. I like how they can practice writing their names, and letters. My 7 yr old is still a little advanced but she liked helping the little kids out with it.

My kids are huge fans of mazes. They zip through them in no time. I like how this helps the kids focus and has different styles from reading, to writing, to game playing. Colors are bright and fun and I'm a fan of it being Montessori based. One of our favs!

Who doesn't love the old nursery song Bingo? My kids had fun with this app watching the farm animals and listening to the different sounds and singing along. My 1 yr old is even trying to sing it now. I think this would be geared toward kids 3 and under, but we all had fun with it. Now the song is stuck in my head. hehe

26 January 2014

Breastmilk rocks!

So my daughter woke up complaining of an earache yesterday. She said it was plugged and hurting her. I was stumped what to do because my husband was at work, and couldn't go to the store to get her earache drops. We've tried Hyland's earache drops last year when she had a mild earache and it worked wonders. It was gone within hours. Well, I needed to think of something since it was bothering her so I looked up homeopathic remedies and talked to a friend about it since she was coming over. She had told me that she read something on breastmilk curing earaches. I was suprised when I looked it up in a google search and found out that people have used breastmilk over the years to get rid of an ear infection/earache. I had plenty of frozen breast milk, so when it was time to make Aislin a bottle, I took 4 drops in a dropper and put them in Aubrey's ear. She was a little grossed out by it but she's only 6 1/2 and doesn't understand the importance of breast milk and thinks it was unusual it was going in her ear. I wouldn't have ever thought to do that. After a couple hrs she said it was still hurting a little so I put 4 more drops in her ear and by bed time she said the pain went away. When she woke up today, she told me her ear doesn't hurt anymore and she can hear better as in it's not plugged up. I'm amazed!! Now I'm looking up things I can use breastmilk on or make with if I'm in a situation where needed. Hehe

17 January 2014

Ok, who else is obsessed with cloth diapers?

I absolutely love them. They are so much easier then disposables and look how cute they are. If you know me.. you know birds are my favorite. I can't wait to use these. I know a few people were wanting to see my stash shot so I'm going to work on that tomorrow.
Any other mama's cloth diaper? 

01 January 2014

Guess who's back?

Did you guys miss me? Probably not.

I don't know what happen. I guess I just got busy with life, family, vacations, or I was just lazy and neglected my blog. Whatever it was.. I shouldn't let happen again.

Here's what has happen over the last two years..

I know I talked about Disneyland back in 2012. We did go and we had an amazing time! We spent a week down there and that wasn't even enough time. We are planning on going back in 2015.

We moved to a new city. Hubby got a promotion and moved to a different hotel property. It's with the same company so that's good. I'm not sure how I like about the move though. It's different here. We are only a half hr away but I barely have any friends here and I feel my heart was left somewhere else. I am getting used to it, I mean, I better.. we aren't planning on moving for awhile.

My oldest daughter is about to turn 7! I can't believe it..  time just zips on by. She's in 1st grade this year, and although she hates the long school hours (kindergarten only being 4 hrs here) she is adjusting and doing well.

 After 4 years of trying to give our oldest a sibling it was finally happening. We found out early in January. I was in shock for months, but so so excited. I think everyone was. We welcomed our second daughter in October. Just in time for mama's birthday. She was born 2 weeks before.. what a great birthday present.

We are adjusting to being a family of four, and all of us are doing well. I can't wait to get back into blogging and getting some "me" time..

30 March 2012


My daughter is going to be so excited come her birthday. I was reading on some coupon forums that the Disney Princess Musical Vanity was on clearance at Target. Well I don't have a Target near me (I know, it's awful) so I called my sister up who is right by one and asked her if she would go pick it up for me. It was clearance down to $26.96 and there was a 50% any Disney Princess item so she got it for $13.48! Aubrey wanted a vanity for Christmas but we couldn't afford it at the time, plus she had a lot of other things that we had got her. She will be turning 5 in July. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it. She's going to flip!

27 March 2012

Random Updates

I have lost 37lbs since January 5. I am down 2 pants sizes and it feels good!

I have had a headache for about 20 days now. I know it has to do with stress, and our household completely changing because I took in my nieces. I love them dearly, but I can tell they have had no proper discipline EVER..

My sister (mother of the girls) keeps threatening to come get the girls, but hasn't done so yet. She keeps pushing it back and back. I'm ready to tell her we are going to try to get custody of the girls. I know she will flip. She's just not in a good state of mind right now. She has no place to live so I don't know where she is planning to stay with the girls if she did come and get them.

Disneyland is in 39 days. I'm extremely excited but just a tad bit stressed that we won't hit our savings goal. We have everything paid for just need spending money. We are about $600 short right now and it doesn't help that I lost my daycare kids for 2 weeks.

I'm super happy to go grocery shopping in 5 days. I love grocery shopping. We are going to Whole Foods which is a rarity because it's about 1.5 hrs away from where we live. I can't get enough of that place and I'm excited to pick up healthy organic food.

Can we say Chipotle? ummmmmm, I've been craving them for about 3 weeks now. We will stop there while we are out grocery shopping next week for lunch. I have already started an hourly count down on my phone. I am addicted and proud :)

14 March 2012

You have been officially warned..

I think I'm perfectly content having only one child. I love my nieces, but 3 kids is a handful. At least I can say I'm getting a work out :)

09 March 2012

My life is going to change for the next month or so..

So today I adopted my nieces. I have legal temporary guardianship over them while my younger sister gets her act together and into a rehab program. I won't go into further details about her, but it's pretty bad and I hate seeing my nieces suffer because their mother is selfish. Their father is in the picture but he isn't any better, and is in-fact worse.

For the next month, we are now a family of 5. I will have a 1 year old, 3 year old, and my 4 daughter year old daughter. That's going to be a lot of SASS in this house. I'm sure it will be tough at first, but god doesn't give me anything I can't handle. We will adjust. I will provide them with a loving stable home so they are not hurting anymore.