01 January 2014

Guess who's back?

Did you guys miss me? Probably not.

I don't know what happen. I guess I just got busy with life, family, vacations, or I was just lazy and neglected my blog. Whatever it was.. I shouldn't let happen again.

Here's what has happen over the last two years..

I know I talked about Disneyland back in 2012. We did go and we had an amazing time! We spent a week down there and that wasn't even enough time. We are planning on going back in 2015.

We moved to a new city. Hubby got a promotion and moved to a different hotel property. It's with the same company so that's good. I'm not sure how I like about the move though. It's different here. We are only a half hr away but I barely have any friends here and I feel my heart was left somewhere else. I am getting used to it, I mean, I better.. we aren't planning on moving for awhile.

My oldest daughter is about to turn 7! I can't believe it..  time just zips on by. She's in 1st grade this year, and although she hates the long school hours (kindergarten only being 4 hrs here) she is adjusting and doing well.

 After 4 years of trying to give our oldest a sibling it was finally happening. We found out early in January. I was in shock for months, but so so excited. I think everyone was. We welcomed our second daughter in October. Just in time for mama's birthday. She was born 2 weeks before.. what a great birthday present.

We are adjusting to being a family of four, and all of us are doing well. I can't wait to get back into blogging and getting some "me" time..

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Jenny Tate said...

Wow you finally posted. You deserve a star to put on the fridge! LOL