18 November 2010

What's on YOUR Christmas list?

37 more days until Christmas. I am about 95% done shopping. Yes, I like to get it done early. I just have to pick up a couple items during Black-Friday. I'm hoping Walmart has the same deals online as they have in store, so I do not have to go out in that chaotic mess. Is it really worth it for a kids digital camera, and a slow cooker? Probably not.

Here's what I've been eyeing:

Simple Retire Shoes. 

Williams and Sonoma pocket-pie mold.

Custom necklace with our initials. S & J

 Personalized journal.

Mom bracelet.

Fridge magnet. (I love this one)

Simple enough, right?


Perfect Insanity said...

I'd say so. But the shoes are hideous! Come on sis, I know you have better taste than that. LOL

Jamie Pants said...

Hideous? I think they are really cute, and totally my style. They look comfy too and they are 100% recycled. The bottom of the shoe is made out of a tire. Sounds good to me.

mattangmccann said...

Alrighty! I like the little apple things!