15 January 2012

F$@# YOU!

Today started out great, until I read my sisters blog and found out her boyfriend has brought me up once again. I wouldn't care if he was being positive about it, but that's never the case. I know I should put it past me to avoid being in a bitter mood, but I've let it slide too many times now. I will not tolerate it anymore. It's like he gets off putting people down and I will not associate myself with any of that. Yes, I'm currently  overweight but I'm making changes to better myself. He will ALWAYS be ugly inside.


The Amazon Addiction said...

I didn't think any of you actually randomly go to my personal blog so I am sorry you had to see that. I wished he'd understand he needs a censor button.

Jamie Pants said...

You know I read your blog, Jenn. It's not the fact I came across it on your blog.. it's the fact he was talking crap, PERIOD. It's really uncalled for. What did I do to deserve to be talked about in a negative way? Nothing!

It's okay though, everything will be fine. :)