18 January 2012

My Kitty Cat

Stormy, my 3 year old cat got spayed today. I was really worried how she would react but the vet said she was pretty good. I was more nervous about it because we were currently in a huge storm at the moment and the power was flicking on and off all day. I was paranoid the power would go out and they would be in an open surgery and something terrible would happen. Thank goodness it didn't.

We went and picked her up around 2pm and I thought she would be a little loopy and sleepy since she just had anesthesia but that wasn't the case. She was up, alerted and wanted out of this place. She is still acting a bit weird but I would be also if someone cut into my belly and took my ovaries and uterus out. She doesn't want anything to do with us, food or water, she just wants to hide. So I made her a little bed in my bathroom, bought her a disposable litter box, and put some water and food down for her. I know she will come around when she wants to.. she's probably still in shock. The incision may hurt her but they didn't give any pain meds. My poor kitty.

On a good note, I am glad that I will no longer have to hear her 'comedomenow' whine or see her back up into everything to try and please herself. It was enough!

Isn't it kind of weird that when I take her to get fixed a huge storm comes in? Ha!

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The Amazon Addiction said...

I would make sure to give her water even if she doesn't want it so she doesn't get dehyrdated.