21 February 2012

Cooking Healthy Meals

I'm sitting here looking through my 'Biggest Loser Family Cookbook' when I happen upon a page that says: "Try to cook a few extra meals on the weekends or always make enough for leftovers. When you have a precooked dinner at home, you're less tempted to pull up to the drive-thru, and you won't waste your calories on food that won't keep you full and nourished."

Now what I didn't I think of that before? The last 6 weeks I've been cooking meals every-night. Well, mostly every-night. There has been some times we've cheated and went out to dinner, but we got right back on track the next day. I've just been in a weird mood the last 3 weeks or so where I don't want to cook anything, or I'm bored of the simple meal plans we've been following on the sparkdiet. I've been spending my extra time browsing websites and checking out library books to get some different ideas that are of course low calorie. I have came across many recipes that I've wanted to try where the ingredients are too hard to find in store, or it's too long of a process to prepare/make. I guess that discouraged me. I just want out of this funk and back to  cooking. I can say this book is helping me tremendously.. I love it! Their recipes are super easy, and delicious. I've already made their nachos, buffalo chicken egg rolls, and tonight I am doing a sloppy joe meat loaf. I will let you know how that turns out.

Anyway, I'm going to try it out and cook next nights dinner or get it all prepared to be cooked and see if that works for us. I think it will. Sometimes Stephen doesn't get home from work til 7:30-8pm and by that time we are starving. I like to wait until he's home to eat, as a family, but lately I've been having to start it early because I just can't go that long without eating food. If I could just reheat something, that would save so much time.

I would already have dinner going by now.. as its almost 7pm, but unfortunately my hamburger turned green. I guess it doesn't hold well in the refrigerator for longer than 2 days past sell by date.? I was not even going to chance it. So Stephen is picking a pack up from the store on his way home. He said it shouldn't be too much longer. Patiently waiting.........

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