26 January 2014

Breastmilk rocks!

So my daughter woke up complaining of an earache yesterday. She said it was plugged and hurting her. I was stumped what to do because my husband was at work, and couldn't go to the store to get her earache drops. We've tried Hyland's earache drops last year when she had a mild earache and it worked wonders. It was gone within hours. Well, I needed to think of something since it was bothering her so I looked up homeopathic remedies and talked to a friend about it since she was coming over. She had told me that she read something on breastmilk curing earaches. I was suprised when I looked it up in a google search and found out that people have used breastmilk over the years to get rid of an ear infection/earache. I had plenty of frozen breast milk, so when it was time to make Aislin a bottle, I took 4 drops in a dropper and put them in Aubrey's ear. She was a little grossed out by it but she's only 6 1/2 and doesn't understand the importance of breast milk and thinks it was unusual it was going in her ear. I wouldn't have ever thought to do that. After a couple hrs she said it was still hurting a little so I put 4 more drops in her ear and by bed time she said the pain went away. When she woke up today, she told me her ear doesn't hurt anymore and she can hear better as in it's not plugged up. I'm amazed!! Now I'm looking up things I can use breastmilk on or make with if I'm in a situation where needed. Hehe


Kachine said...

Nothing beats breastmilk!

July said...

I agree with you. It can also cure eye infection.

Ima said...

Breast milk is the best